Experiences to be shared in favour of the school integration of foreign minors
In order to promote social inclusion and to counter the school drop-out of foreign students, "Education" area presents a territorial mapping on “good practices” in favour of a positive school integration of foreign minors.

The main purposes of the projects collected and promoted in the school year 2012/2013 and 2013/2014 by Associations and Authorities, Educational Centres, Schools, Regions, Municipalities and Provinces deal with: learning and deepening of the Italian language (Italian L2); granting of scholarships; tutoring and post-school activities (language-cultural mediators); informal education (dancing, painting, singing, theatre); education to intercultural dialogue (school-pupil-family relations); enhancement of cultural heritage to improve the coexistence capacity (laboratories on conflict management for educators and operators).

"Education" aims to: enhance the repeatability of good practices; promote a better understanding of the migration phenomenon; favour the “networking” among the subjects promoting the mapped projects, such as Associations and Authorities, Educational Centres, Schools of any grade, Municipalities and Provinces; spread the perception of foreign minors as a resource; look at our Country from a different perspective.
Here it follows a list of the projects mapped, with a short summary. Click here to read