The social-labour integration of international protection holders within the SPRAR reception project

INSIDE project: the final Report

The INSIDE project has the aim to promote the social-labour insertion of international protection holders within the SPRAR reception project throughout the whole national territory. The project makes use of individual endowment and special benefits for those participating in the apprenticeship paths.

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Final Report of the project (pdf)

On 19 January 2017, at the premises of ANPAL servizi spa, a focus group of the INSIDE project met with the aim to analyse the various activities carried out and to stimulate debate among all the subjects involved: the Ministry of Interior, SPRAR, UNHCR, OIM, OIL, FIERI, CNR, institutions and apprentices.

Besides providing training and the qualification of competences, the apprenticeship path allows to increase participants’ knowledge of rules. Moreover, the experience on-the-field helps participants increase their sense of autonomy, while meeting with colleagues and staff as well as working in group is a source of gratification. As highlighted by participants, the six-month apprenticeship allows to build relationships with people, with institutions or companies, and create the bases for future opportunities.

The apprenticeship path also allows to increase the knowledge of Italian: participants have come to acknowledge that without good language skills it is very difficult to work. Besides, it is fundamental to learn the jargon related to the job carried out. In this sense, the apprenticeship has turned out to be a useful and efficient tool for learning the language "on the job." In fact, institutions and companies have been able to transform apprentices’ non-advanced language skills into opportunities for them to grow.

Participants also highlight that the six months of apprenticeship enable to learn the functioning of the labour market and workplaces, how to search for work actively at companies, public and private agencies and employment centres, how to write CVs, submit one’s candidature, find accommodation.

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(Last update: April 21, 2017)