The register of organisations and institutions performing activities in favour of migrants

The register of organisations and institutions performing activities in favour of migrants   [Torna all'inizio]

The Directorate General of Immigration and Integration Policies of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies set-up a register of organisations and institutions offering services to immigrants. Such register represents a tool available to the private organisations, associations and institutions owning the requirements provided for in art. 53 of Presidential Decree no. 394 of 31 August 1999, as subsequently amended under Presidential Decree no. 334 of 18 October 2004. Registration is essential to access public funding, if relevant.

The register has been operating since November 1999, and is divided into two main sections:

First section   [Torna all'inizio]

Institutions  and associations undertaking activities in favour of the social integration of foreigners, as per art. 42 of the Consolidated Law on Immigration – Legislative Decree no 286 of 25.07.1998, are eligible for registering in this section.
Under the article above, the State, the regions, the provinces and the municipalities - each one within one’s competences and in collaboration with the public and private authorities and institutions of the Countries of origin, may favour:
a) the activities adopted in favour of foreigners regularly residing in Italy, also in order to administer courses on the language and the culture of the countries of origin. Courses shall be provided by schools and foreign cultural institutions legally operating in Italy as per Presidential Decree no. 389 of 18th April 1994, as subsequently emended;
b) dissemination of information helping the integration of foreign nationals into the Italian society, with particular emphasis on third country nationals' rights and duties, the different opportunities for personal integration in the country of destination, and the possibility for a positive reinsertion in the country of origin;
c) the knowledge and development of cultural, recreational, social, economic and religious expressions of third country nationals regularly staying in Italy, together with any initiative aimed at raising awareness on the causes of immigration and at preventing racial discrimination and xenophobia even through the availability of books, magazines, newspapers and audiovisual within school and university libraries;
d) signing of agreements with the organisations regularly enrolled in the register as per par. 2, in order to allow regular foreign nationals holding a “residence card” or a 2-year “residence permit”, to work as intercultural mediators helping relations between the single administrations and the foreigners belonging to. ethnic, national, language and religious groups;
e) organisations of training courses inspired to the criteria of cohabitation in a multicultural society, aiming to prevent discrimination, xenophobia and racism. Such courses are destined to civil servants and employees of public and private institutions having regular relations with foreigners or performing relevant tasks in the field of migration.

Second section   [Torna all'inizio]

Institutions and organisations carrying out social aid and protection programmes as per art. 18 of the Consolidated Law on Migration (Legislative Decree no. 286 of 25.07.1998) may join this second section.

Activity Report   [Torna all'inizio]

The private organisations, associations and authorities enrolled in the Register shall submit an annual report about the activities carried out during the previous year, supported by all the relevant documentation.
On the 30th of January each year the Directorate General of Immigration and Integration Policies of  the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies – IV Unit, receives from each organisation enrolled in the registry a report on the activities performed in the previous year.
The fulfilment of such obligations determines the inclusion in the Registry (Presidential Decree 394/99, art. 54, par. 3).
Under art. 54, par. 4, of Presidential Decree 394/99, organisations whose actions do not comply with the standards and the purposes set in the Registry are cancelled from it.


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