This section provides a maps the recent projects carried out or still ongoing aimed at countering the gangmaster system and at promoting a sustainable agriculture.

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Ministry of Labour and Social Policies - Preventing and countering illegal labour and labour exploitation in the agricultural sector


Pubblished: 22/01/2019


The Ministry of Labour and Social Policies has published a Call for project proposals with the aim to foster legal labour in the agricultural sector and to counter labour exploitation and the gangmaster system. The Call is funded by AMIF and ESF-NOP Inclusion that have allocated 23 million Euros for projects fostering the socio-labour insertion (or reinsertion) of victims of labour exploitation, even potential, throughout the entire national territory.

This Call for project proposals was structured on the basis of the results emerged from talks launched by the Ministryin December 2018, involving bodies operating in the third sector, organisations, as well as workers' and employers' associations. The latter's role within the projects funded by the Call will be of mandatory partners. One of the main requests that emerged from the talks concerned the need to improve recruiting services which, together with interventions relating to accommodation and transportation, represent a fundamental element also in terms ofprevention of illegal recruitment and unlawful work conditions.

The Call fosters integrated support and requalification paths, with the particular aim to enhance the social function of agriculture, based on the crucial relationship between legal labour, integration and inclusion. This intervention falls within the Ministry's national strategy to counter labour exploitation, also through the setting up of a specially devoted Panel to counter the gangmaster system. To this regard, the Panel has highlighted the need to improve labour services, socio-labour integration and the quality of the entrepreneurial chain in the agricultural sector, in close collaboration with the investigation bodies of competence in order to fight against and prevent illegality.

The Call for project proposals, further in-depth information and updates on laws, researches and experiences relating to labour exploitation and the gangmaster system are available on the Ministry's institutional website and on the Migrants Integration Portal.



 Year 2018/2019

- CaritasProgetto Presidio 3.0 (The project "Presidio 3.0")

- Intersos: "Assistenza medica e orientamento ai servizi socio-sanitari negli insediamenti informali di braccianti agricoli"("Medical aid and guidance with regard to social-healthcare services in the farm workers' informal settlements")

- Funky Tomato: "Alimentare la cultura" ("Fuelling culture")

- NoCap: "Contro ogni forma di caporalato" ("Countering the gangmaster system")

- SosRosarnoIniziative e i progetti ("Initiatives and Projects")

- Terra!Onlus: "In campo senza caporale" ("In the fields without a gang master")

Previous years

 - Adoc: "Siamo uomini o caporali" ("Are we men or gang masters?")

- -Associazione Comunità Progetto Sud – project Golfintratta (2014)

- Azalea Cooperativa Sociale a r. l. onlus:Project Na.Ve 

- Campaigns promoted by Flai CGIL: 

    - Oro Rosso Stop Caporalato; Sindacato di strada; Ancora in campo ("Red Gold; Stopping the gangmaster system; Street Trade Union; Still in the fields")

 - Focsiv/Coldiretti: "Abbiamo riso per una cosa seria" ("Laughing for something serious")

- Movimento Cristiano Lavoratori: "Alla luce del sole" ("In the open")

Oim: Terra Munda 

- Solidaria: "Sfruttazero" ("Zero Exploitation")