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This section provides a list of the most recent research reports devoted to the theme of labour exploitation in the agricultural sector and production chains. Moreover, it maps the recent projects carried out and still ongoing aimed at countering the gangmaster system and at promoting a sustainable agriculture.

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Year 2023

Year 2022

Ministero del Lavoro e delle Politiche Sociali

Year 2021

Su.Pr.Eme. Italia

Ministero del Lavoro e delle Politiche Sociali

Year 2018

Fourth Report issued by the "Placido Rizzotto Observatory," which is part of the FLAI-CGIL

- European University Institute/Robert Schuman Center for Advanced Study: Is Italian Agriculture a "Pull Factor" for Irregular Migration? and, If So, Why?

- Medu: I dannati della terra ("The Damned of the Earth")

- Caritas – Vite Sottocosto 2° Rapporto Presidio  ("Lives Below Cost")

- Oxfam/TerraSfruttati. Povertà e disuguaglianza nelle filiere agricole in Italia  ("The exploited. Poverty and inequalities in the Italian agricultural chains) 

- Oxfam Italia: "Al giusto prezzo" - i diritti umani nelle filiere dei supermercati italiani  ("A fair price" – Human rights in the Italian supermarket chains")

- "Filierasporca," for reports and graphs relating to production chains and labour exploitation

- BeAware, "Altriraccolti," a multimedia journey in Italian agriculture





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