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Ukraine Emergency

Useful information, rules and data

 This page, constantly updated, collects useful information for refugees arriving in Italy due to the war in Ukraine and for the management of the reception. It also presents the regulatory framework and data on refugee arrivals and the Ukrainian community. This is a framework at national level. To discover the initiatives and procedures activated at regional and local level, it is advisable to click on the interactive territorial map on the italian home page (Regions and Autonomous Provinces — Municipalities). At the bottom of the page are available the news associated with the emergency published daily on the Portal Integration Migrants.



#OFFROAIUTO, the platform to offer goods, services and housing


European Commission: 
Information for people fleeing the war in Ukraine  (UKR)

Welcome to Italy

First useful information for Ukrainian refugees in Italy by the Ministry of the Interior. Sanitary arrangements, reception and how to regularise your position. Tab in Ukrainian, Russian, English and Italian

In response to the arrival of refugees from Ukraine, the Reception and Integration System (SAI) managed by the Local Authorities and the Extraordinary Reception Centres (CAS) managed by the Prefectures have been strengthened, providing additional places. In addition, Law Decree DL 21/2022 introduces further forms of widespread reception with the collaboration of the Third Sector and contributions for the sustenance of those who have found accommodation independently. 

The Civil Protection Department issued the First Operational Guidelines for a coordinated management of reception and assistance to people fleeing from Ukraine arriving in Italy. The Department also launched #OffroAiuto: the Platform that allows citizens, companies and institutions of the Third Sector or Social Private subjects to offer goods, services and housing to help the Ukrainian population

Those who have applied for a residence permit for temporary protection and have found independent accommodation with relatives, friends or host families can apply for a contribution to support themselves, their children, and minors for whom they have legal guardianship through an online platform activated by the Civil Protection. On the site is published a vademecum in Ukrainian, Italian and English.

Passports and identification of Ukrainian nationals
Notes from the Embassy of Ukraine in Italy on passports and identification of Ukrainian citizens made known with Circular of the Ministry of the Interior — Department for Internal and Territorial Affairs
The Ukrainian Embassy in Rome issued notes containing information and indications for Ukrainian citizens arriving in Italy about their identity documents.
For Ukrainian citizens who have arrived in Italy without documents, an identification is provided at the Consulate. Ukrainian citizens’ passports are valid for an additional 5 years and, in addition, the data of children under the age of 16 can be entered on passports.
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Residence permit for temporary protection
The Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers of March 28, 2022 regulates the temporary protection in Italy for people who fled from Ukraine due to the Russian invasion and arrived in Italy. These persons are issued by the Police Headquarters a residence permit valid for 1 year, extendable for another year, which allows for enrollment in the National Health System and access to work, study, and welfare and reception measures.

Access to work
Persons coming from Ukraine may work independently or in a subordinate form following a request to the Questura for a residence permit, by way of derogation from the maximum quotas set out in the annual schedule.
Civil Protection Provisions No 872 of 4 March 2022 — Urgent civil protection provisions to ensure, on national territory, the reception of relief and assistance to the population as a result of the events taking place in the territory of Ukraine
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The EU Skills Profile Tool for Third Country Nationals is a free multilingual online tool promoted by the European Commission for a first skills profiling of migrants and refugees. Thanks to a new Ukrainian language translation, which has just been implemented, it will also prove particularly useful with refugees from the ongoing war

According to Law Decree DL 21/2022 Ukrainian doctors, nurses and OSS with an European Qualifications Passport for refugees will be able to be employed in public or private health or social care facilities with fixed-term contracts, collaboration contracts or as freelancers.

The Circular of the National Labour Inspectorate No 1521 of 8 March 2022, addressed to the Territorial Inspectorates, recommends that priority be given to the practices of the emergence of employment relationships relating to citizens of Ukrainian nationality.

Ukrainian citizens can travel for free within 5 days of their arrival in Italy to reach the first destination or reception place. The provision includes the gratuitousity of the transport on the trains of the Trenitalia society (FS Group) that carry out service of Intercity, Eurocity and Regional, on the marine services and on the highway net
Civil Protection Provisions  No 876 of 13 March 2022 — Further urgent civil protection provisions to ensure reception, relief and assistance to the population on national territory as a result of events taking place in the territory of Ukraine
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Refugees arriving in Italy with their Ukrainian-registered cars without insurance cover are issued with free temporary motor insurance policies valid for 30 days.

The school reception of Ukrainian minors   
Ministero dell'Istruzione. Accoglienza scolastica per gli studenti ucraini. Indicazioni operative
Miur Circular of 4 March 2022


The Ministry of Health, with a circular of 3 March, gave the Local Health Companies the first indications regarding the Ukraine crisis
Health provisions in force until 31 March due to the ongoing pandemic crisis are contained in Civil Protection Provisions No 873 of 6 March 2022 — Further urgent civil protection provisions to ensure reception, relief and assistance to the population on national territory as a result of events taking
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Sociale Security 
INPS will continue to provide pension benefits recognized to Ukrainian citizens who have left Italy and who, due to the ongoing conflict, have again left their country of origin to return to Italy or to the territory of other states.
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Ukraine emergency. Cross-border Entry Dashboard 

Temporary Protection Applications Dashboard

Subsistence allowance dashboard


The Ukrainian community in Italy
As of 1 January 2020, the Ukrainian population resident in Italy has 230,639 presences, equivalent to 6.4 % of non-EU citizens legally residing in the country, confirming itself as the fourth non-EU community for the number of residents.
It is one of the most stable foreign communities, also because of the long history of migration in our country that began in the 1990s, and is largely composed of women, employed mainly in family services or in the care and care of elderly people or children.
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The Ukrainian community in Italy_2020
— The Ukrainian community in Italy_Synthesis_2020 (ITA - EN )