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23 April 2019

PERCORSI - Pathways for the training, work and integration of young migrants

Monitoring Report on the Project Percorsi II

Monitoring report on the second phase of the project PERCORSI is online.

The purpose of this report is to present the information collected during the focus group dedicated to the project organised on October 3, 2018, by ANPAL Servizi s.p.a. with the active participation of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies (Directorate General for Immigration and Integration Policies –and with the contribution of a few qualified observers.
The project PERCORSI aims at strengthening the integration of unaccompanied children and young migrants entered in the country as unaccompanied children, especially in the light of preventing their social discrimination.

The project, funded by ESF was launched in October 2016 with the aim of promoting the integration of unaccompanied children in transition to adulthood and young migrants by providing them with vocational training opportunities and facilitating their access to the labour market.

The project is based on the definition of an individual integration plan which includes a set of integration services aimed at facilitating recipients to access to the labour market (tutoring, coaching, job guidance, etc) and the possibility of attending an internship. To this end, an individual grant has been offered to the recipients in order to enable them to take part in the integration path.

The project was made up of 3 phases: at the end of the second one, 1604 interships had been completed. The third phase of the project is currently in progress and it foresees further 170 integration paths.