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CoNNGI - National Coordination of the New Italian Generations

CoNNGI - Coordinamento Nazionale Nuove Generazioni Italiane [National Coordination of the New Italian Generations] (www.conngi.it) – was established in 2017 as an association aimed at social promotion. It was launched within the scope of activities carried out by the Directorate General for Immigration and Integration Policies (Ministry of Labour and Social Policies) with the aim to represent young people with a migrant background, both at national and international level.

CoNNGI is composed of 40 associations established by young people with a migrant background from all over Italy, involving up to 5,000 people, who represent a “bridge” between our Country and 41 countries across the world.


In 2019, CoNNGI’s network of associations published the new edition of their Manifesto, through which they want to help define policies aimed at guaranteeing greater opportunities for the inclusion and enhancement of the multicultural identity and competences of young people with a migrant background. The Manifesto of the New Italian Generations 2019 is divided into six scopes of action: school; work; culture, sport and participation; citizenship and political representation; communication and media and international cooperation. The Manifesto was presented on 2 and 3 May in Genova during the national workshop “Protagonisti! Le nuove generazioni si raccontano” [“Protagonists! The new generations talk about themselves”], an event promoted by CoNNGI every year in a different city, during which the new generations share their analyses and experiences with local and national institutions. The past editions were held in Reggio Emilia and Gattatico in 2017 and in Padova in 2018.

In these years, CoNNGI has participated as institutional interlocutor in the National Observatory for the Integration of Foreign Students and Interculture (Ministry of Education, University and Research); in the Working Group for Migration and Development of the National Council for Development Cooperation (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation), also cooperating in the organization of the first two National Diaspora Summits in Italy; and in the Integration group of the National Observatory on Childhood and Adolescence (Ministry of Labour and Social Policies).

CoNNGI is currently participating in various projects such as “IHAVET - Integrated Holistic Approach to a Validated European Tool”, a project developed within the scope of the Erasmus+ programme co-funded by the European Union, that views education as the first step toward social inclusion; “OLTRE. La voce dei nuovi migranti” [“BEYOND. The voice of the new migrants”], co-funded by the European Commission, with the aim to listen and give voice to the new generations on fundamental topics such as identity, inclusion, reception and participation; and B.E.S.T. – Buone pratiche, scambi di ESperienze e Training per l’intercultura [Best practices, sharing of experiences and intercultural training], that aims to develop and promote the social empowerment of young people with a migrant background.