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02 November 2021

Migration and forced displacement in the G20 final declaration

"Support the full inclusion of migrants in our pandemic response and recovery efforts"

The Rome Leaders’ Declaration adopted at the end of the G20 held in Rome on October 30 and 31, also talks about migration and forced migration. Here are the commitments of the Heads of State and Government:

“38. Migration and forced displacement. The impact of the pandemic has confronted us with new challenges with regard to migration in our globalized economies.

We commit to take steps to support the full inclusion of migrants, including migrant workers, and refugees in our pandemic response and recovery efforts, in the spirit of international cooperation and in line with national policies, legislation and circumstances, ensuring full respect for their human rights and fundamental freedoms regardless of their migration status.

We also recognize the importance of preventing irregular migration flows and the smuggling of migrants, as part of a comprehensive approach for safe, orderly and regular migration, while responding to humanitarian needs and the root causes of displacement.

We note the 2021 Annual International Migration and Forced Displacement Trends and Policies Report to the G20 prepared by the OECD in cooperation with ILO, International Organization for Migration (IOM) and United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). We will continue the dialogue on migration and forced displacement in future Presidencies”




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